“Download a ride-sharing app” as sentence for a DUI

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Well, here’s an interesting solution to a long-standing civic problem—a judge in Ohio is making “download Uber or Lyft” a condition of sentences for those caught drunk driving.

The San Francisco city attorney has ordered Uber & Lyft to provide 4 years’ worth of data about their rides in the city.

“If we win the fight for more paid leisure time, then the creation of new public spaces – from theatre foyers to parks to gyms, cafes, beaches – needs to become a social technology, not just an afterthought of planning or architecture.” An interesting take on the promise by Jeremy Corbyn to add 4 bank holidays to the British work year…

Boston organizers who are working to build the solidarity economy have launched a democratically controlled investment fund.

“Residential assessments have been so far off the mark for so many years that the credibility of the entire property tax system is in doubt.” The Chicago Tribune just exposed an immense amount of institutionalized racism coming out of the tax assessor’s office.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

I’m pretty excited about this new feature in iOS 11—all apps will have to give the option of only sending location data while using the app (not all the time).

Should a private software company’s trade secrets be enough to keep inmates in jail?

Organizing Theory

25% of Americans boycotted a brand, in the first 3 months of the Trump administration.

From Partners

Congrats to folks in Illinois, who just passed an anti-wage theft bill. Now to see if the governor will sign it!

What’s Going on in the Workforce

If sectors in corporate America are pushing to make 3 weeks of vacation mandatory, can we start with fast food and retail?

Interesting look at the success of Stella & Dot in building a new network of women home sellers.

UK taxi drivers threaten to boycott Britain’s biggest grocery chain over a presumed partnership with Uber.

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