Is there an uptick in worker organizing? There is certainly an uptick in stories about it.

Organizing Theory

Micah Sifry takes a good look at the “Hunger Games” dynamic, in funding new groups that have sprung up as part of the resistance to Trump.

Nice writeup on the Independent Driver Guild’s work to move Uber towards in-app tipping.

h/t to Wyatt Closs for pointing out this story to me—professional videogamers have been conducting wildcat strikes & other forms of labor disruption—so the bosses want them to organize a union.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

A pretty good explanation of why replacing human judgement with an algorithm doesn’t just simply make things more fair.

Interesting project in the EU wants to use anonymized, user-provided data to help cities and private companies build products that make cities better.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Could the election of Donald Trump lead to the creation of the first industry-wide tech worker union in India?

Critics of UBI warn that it will lead to a society & entitled people who sit around playing video games all day (as if there’s something wrong with that plan!). Studies show otherwise.

Geeking Out

Walt Mossberg has been a sometimes controversial tech columnist—but this, his final column, is worth reading for an advance look at the tech products and challenges that are headed our way.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

New research from tax software maker Intuit shows that gig economy employment will double in the next four years.

Volvo is working on a self-driving trash truck.

The Perils of Trumpism

The Trump Administration wants to get rid of civil rights protection efforts in a variety of federal agencies.

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