Happy New Year! Will everything be terrible for workers in 2017? It’s too early to say, but

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Freelancing can be a perfect solution to the challenges of being a working parent—but only if you have reliable child care when you really need it. Enter the coworking/child care mashup.

This week marks the start of the Finnish experiment on basic income, where 2000 unemployed Finns will receive $580 per month (even if they end up getting a new job) for 2 years.

Another look at the proposal by some gig economy companies to provide portable benefits contributions in exchange for safe harbor from misclassification lawsuits in New York.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

“Data is more powerful in the presence of other data.” So make sure you’re not telling secrets when Amazon’s Alexa is listening. And she’s always listening

Organizing Theory

The White House did a round up of the Obama Administration’s use of various types of media to communicate with the public, and it’s quite a look back.

Geeking Out

“Lines of code can have lifelike qualities, but we do not confuse them for living beings.” On gender and artificial intelligence bots.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

China’s “Uber for trucking” just got a $1B valuation. Will apps replace trucking dispatchers?

Drones and other automata will write the history of the early 21st century more than Trump and Brexit, according to the editors of Bloomberg.

MIT says that 3,000 self-driving cars could replace all 13,000 of NYC’s taxis.

I had the excitingest time not checking my work email over the holidays. Now the French will get to do that all the time they’re not working!

Robots are replacing insurance claim workers in Japan.

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