Just watch the robot gifs, and enjoy your egg nog, people.

This will be the last newsletter of the year. Wishing all my readers a Happy Holiday, a wonderful (if resisting!) New Year, and warm cookies.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Airbnb’s “social impact tourism” pairs travelers with local NGOs who need help (and more importantly, dollars).

Reputation, reputation, reputation

We might be backing our way into gender-biased AI.

Organizing Theory

Over 100 leaders in tech have signed a pledge to stand up for civil liberties, and to resist the use of their platforms for civil rights erosion by government agencies.

From Partners

The Century Foundation just put out some ideas on how to deal systematically with income volatility.

Theorizing the Web has released a call for papers for their April conference.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

You thought parental consent was just for teenaged girls’ private medical decisions? Nope, if this bill in Texas passes, unions will also need to secure parental consent before a 17 year old can join.

My only question about this otherwise-excellent piece on what life is like for restaurant cooks is: why is the writer committed to using statistics from the National Restaurant Association?

Google wants to take the idea of drone delivery, and replace it with dog delivery. Robot dog, that is. Can you say “fetch, Google Assistant?” (and can they come up with a catchier name for their AI?)

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