46% of workers in the global economy are precariously employed.

Don’t let the robots outvote you next week…

What’s Going on in the Workforce

A new UN report just found that 46% of the GLOBAL workforce are engaged in precarious work. Maybe time to do something about that, eh?

The Obama Administration is tapping gig economy companies to help recruit people to the ACA, during this year’s open enrollment period. And with an on-the-way-out-the-door focus on workers’ rights, the Administration is also urging a ban on non-compete agreements for low-wage workers, who usually are not privy to trade secrets (special sauce notwithstanding).

As you’ve probably seen, a British tribunal ruled last week that two Uber drivers are employees, not contractors—and deserve minimum wage and paid time off.

Geeking Out

“In the future, you may not even think of them as cars, the way we do today.” Check out this self-driving shuttle that’s already been deployed on private roads in France, Switzerland and Australia.

Organizing Theory

Josh Eidelson has a great piece up at Bloomberg News about the newly-organized Independent Drivers Guild.

Interesting piece by the Century Foundation’s Shayna Strong on the business model challenges of new worker organizations.

From Partners

NELP released a new poll last week, showing voter attitudes about contracting out, and documenting best messages to use when talking about subcontracting.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Major shout out to our friends at the Freelancers’ Union, for their victory last week in the Freelance isn’t Free campaign, which just won the first-ever wage theft bill that will protect independent contractors!

UPS talks about the importance of thinking through the logistics of developing a more circular economy.

Here’s a new ride-sharing service with a slightly different business model from Uber & Lyft—they charge $1 to connect riders with drivers (drivers keep the rest of the fee).

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