Wondering how NYC’s investment in worker-ownership is going?

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Here’s a story that should get a signal boost—Filipinas who were trafficked to the US have just launched a worker-owned cleaning coop, with help from the NY City Council. And here’s the Council’s report on their first year of helping to develop worker cooperatives.

The French general assembly is going to be voting on whether to study a system of Universal Basic Income.

Coworking? That’s so 2014. Up next, co-living.

From Partners

My hope is that someday you folks feel about Hack the Union the way I feel about Greenpeace’s Mobilisation Lab. At that point, maybe I’ll write a book. Until I do, you couldn’t do better than buying the new Mobilisation Cookbook from Greenpeace campaigners.

The Open Society Foundation is looking for a new Program Officer in their program that works on fiscal equity. Info here.

“Sure, Uber and its ilk offer remarkable convenience and a nearly magical user experience, but their innovation lies just as much in evading regulations as in developing new technology.” Here’s Trebor Shulz’s new paper, describing the Platform Coop conference held in NY last November.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Does the Seattle city council’s decision to create a legal vehicle for Uber drivers to organize foreshadow a massive, pro-worker disruption?

The ILO recently put out a paper investigating the rise of the ‘just-in-time’ workforce.

SAG-AFTRA members are heating up their efforts to get a good contract with the advertising industry, as more and more digital advertising erodes the standards they’ve made in TV & radio.

Intuit & Emergent Research have been looking at the size of the on-demand economy. Here’s a report on their first set of data.

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