“In other words, most Americans are too poor to work less.”

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

“In other words, most Americans are too poor to work less.” Why we hasn’t more productivity translated to more leisure? Well, some would say that working fewer hours would make us all more productive.

A look at some worker-owned cooperatives in Cuba, that are taking advantage of the offloading of state enterprises to the private sector.

The Internet Association has recently filed some public comments in the EU, where they basically say that online platforms don’t need regulation, due to the “dynamic” nature of the internet market. Huh.

From Partners

Are you a woman or person of color who’s suffered inappropriate activity from coworkers or supervisors in the progressive movement? Check out Shine Squad, which is offering a place for us to talk about those experiences.

Geeking Out

There’s something pretty hypnotic about watching robot arms plant rice.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

The FTC warns advertisers not to use data for ad targeting that may be discriminatory.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Don’t lie to me. You’ve been looking for a programmer who would tell other SF-based programmers that they have a lot to learn from Harry Bridges. Your long search is over. (Do yourself a favor and play some Woody Guthrie while you read it.)

h/t to HtU reader Joe Dinkin for this one…a Canadian who worked in the SF “exploitation economy” warns his fellow countrypeople to fight the onslaught of Uber & other on demand services.

Massachusetts tire workers are first to unionize under new NLRB joint employer rule.

Some thoughts on what happened at the recent “Future of Work” symposium hosted by the Department of Labor.

The Fight for 15 headed to the EU today, along with European unions and consumer organizations, to take on McDonald’s excessive greed.

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