Was 2015 the year the robot revolution really began?

Is it the shortest week of the year? It’s certainly the shortest newsletter…

Happy New Year, folks, see you in 2016!

Geeking Out

Fast Company says 2015 is the year the robot revolution really began. Here’s the evidence.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Here’s a great explainer, by friend-o-the-blog Michelle Chen, on how Seattle’s new labor law will allow Uber & Lyft drivers to unionize—without pre-empting federal labor law.

Some of the signers of last month’s portable benefits letter are looking to expand beyond the original coalition of signers.

From Partners

The Global Social Economy Forum has put out this call for proposals for their next event, September 2016 in Montreal.

Amalgamated Bank has become one of the first banks in NYC to accept the new municipal ID as verification—important for undocumented workers, who often have great difficulty setting up bank accounts.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

“The best companies in the world struggle with security every day. I don’t think the campaign people have a chance.” Whether you’re a Bernie bro or a Hillarista, we should all be worried about who’s trying to hack campaign security. (Also, I guess I should come up with some clever name for Martin O’Malley supporters. But meh.)

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