“The half-life of a skill is shrinking”

What’s Going on in the Workforce

“The half-life of a skill is shrinking.” Fast Company takes a look at the future of work in 2016. Apparently, nanojobs will not involve nanites, more’s the pity.

From Partners

US Labor Secretary Tom Perez thinks we need a Leather Apron Club for the 21st century (h/t to my hometown hero, Ben Franklin).

And Institute for the Future just put out this paper “10 Strategies for a Workable Future.”

Organizing Theory

This California legislator is introducing a bill that would let online on-demand economy workers organize against the app they work for.

Greenpeace’s Mobilization Lab wants you to take this survey, to help you analyze how you’re practicing mobilization (and getting max value out of it) in your organization.

Slacktivism actually makes a difference, according to these researchers.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

With the cost of tuition what it is, it’s not shocking that a college student might decide to rent out a dorm room bed on AirBnB. Colleges might not be so supportive, though.

The drumbeat for instituting a universal basic income continues, in the tech community.

Are we likely to morph to a world where hotels buy condos to run as AirBnB centers, and AirBnB starts offering hotel-like amenities?

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