Is your social media safe from Lockheed Martin?

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Is your social media safe from Lockheed Martin’s infosec division? Not if you’re organizing against Wal-Mart

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Microcredit was once touted as the solution to global poverty. What went wrong?

My own hometown gets a shout out from the Grassroots Economic Organizing website, with a look at #solidaritycities: Philadelphia. (pro-tip, folks, it’s the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection).

Everytime I think we’ve reached peak sharing economy, I am proved wrong.

Organizing Theory

The Kasich campaign (no, really) is pioneering a new kind of mapping social relationships between voters.

How Seattle is enforcing all those spiffy new employment laws they’ve been passing.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

The CEO of GrubHub breaks down what makes for a successful food delivery service—and what doesn’t. And a bike delivery driver in SF has some insight into what app developers don’t always think about (hills, anyone?).

Penn State is working on a new technology to write textbooks with robots. Perhaps my daughter’s copy of An American Pageant will have a cyborg on the cover in the next generation?

Uber continues to lower the bar for acceptable corporate behavior—now they’re partnering with predatory lenders to “help” drivers buy cars. They’re also, of course, managing via algorithm. But it’s not all bad—they’re now supporting driver retraining, for when their fleet is fully autonomous. Oh, what the hell, let’s just turn this into an all-Uber newsletter. Here’s the Data & Society Research Institute’s paper where they interviewed Uber drivers, and participated in the many, many ridesharing driver forums.

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