When will we have a snark bot?

Geeking Out

But when will we have a snark bot? Or is this the Guardian’s way of telling us that they already do?

If I have a robot to fold my laundry, what will I do during boring conference calls? (Wait, did I say that out loud?)

Organizing Theory

The Workers Lab profiles Seattle’s Fair Work Center, a hub to protect workers’ rights in any industry.

How open campaigning can make your organization’s advocacy work stronger.

Did you know that you can now use electronic signatures to demonstrate interest in forming a union? Download this gripping memo from the NLRB General Counsel to find out how.

Great report by the Center for Media Justice on how digital technology impacts movements of color. Includes a section on the “meaning of membership in the digital age” that everyone needs to read.

From Partners

In DC? Check out this Brookings Institution panel on Robotics, Employment & Social Benefits, and this conversation at 1776: “General Assembly: The Future of Work and the Rise of Hybrid Jobs.”

Have you met the digital labor wiki? If not, you really should.

And finally–in NYC? Hear Steven Hill talk about his new book, Runaway Capitalism, on October 21st.

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