“Every day, I come to work scared and I leave work scared. That shouldn’t be my job or my life.”

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This week, I talked to coworker.org’s Michelle Miller, about her piece “The Union of the Future.” (Like our original content? Be sure to support us on Patreon!)

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

“Every day, I come to work scared and I leave work scared. That shouldn’t be my job or my life.” What it’s like to work in a Ladbroke’s gaming parlor in the UK.

Enjoy has invented a new approach to service jobs, combining elements of the gig economy with elements of full-employment.

Can Uber drivers game the app to create more surge pricing? Maybe.

Pacific & Standard Mag has just launched a new series on the Future of Work, which will run online between now and their November/December issue.

I confess, I don’t know anything about Scripted, whose CEO just wrote this piece. But who doesn’t need a comprehensive guide to starting online labor marketplaces?

From Partners

In development stage still, but looking for partners—HourVoice is launching a platform to empower workers and inform consumers about what companies are like to their employees.

Kudos to our friends from Amalgamated Bank, who just became the first bank in the country to guarantee every employee a $15/hour wage. (On a related note—isn’t it in my self-interest, as a bank customer, to have my bank tellers well compensated?)

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Political opinion app Brigade just announced that you will now be able to claim your voting record, and prove to elected officials that you’re a verified voter.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

A pilot project in LA is aiming at bringing low-pollution shared car service to low-income communities.

“Uber is now doing its best to look like Wal-Mart.” On the fight to deny Uber drivers class-action status in California.

Organizing Theory

Provo, Utah launched an experiment in online civic participation that successfully produced policy recommendations for their city council.

Geeking Out

A new iPhone accessory replaces a $20,000 piece of equipment used by eye doctors—and can allow people without access to an optometrist’s office analysis of their vision problems.

New online mag White Hot intends to cover “Capitalism with a Conscience,” among other things.

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