“…our children–and now increasingly Mexico’s children—are not growing up to be farmworkers.”

What’s Going on in the Workforce?
“…our children–and now increasingly Mexico’s children—are not growing up to be farmworkers.” So naturally, farming robots.
You know you want to read a paper about the maritime implications of exosuit technology. I mean, cyborgs underwater? It’s like space, but with fish. Sign me up!
“In a world where we focus on pixel-perfect design for your app, how can you not deliver ‘pixel-perfect’ service quality when the workers delivering your services interact with customers?” Hunter Walk talks about why he invests in startups that invest in their workers—whether those are engineers, or 1099-contractors.
Here’s a curious idea—an app that will loan money to workers with precarious schedules, in weeks when they don’t get enough hours—and they pay back when times are better.
Reputation, reputation, reputation
You may have missed this story when it first launched—I certainly did. Meet Tsu, the social network that pays you for creating content. Hit me up, if you want an invite.
Wanna freak out a bunch of politicians about the need for cyber security? Why not set up an open wifi spot at a conference they’re attending, and then announce that you’ve tracked their online activity.
Organizing Theory
“Effective resistance movements depend on networks that are flexible, durable, and can adapt their strategies to changing conditions over time.” In other words, social media can’t do it all. Duh.
From Partners
BLS has put out its statistics on union members in 2014—and it will be no surprise to any reader here that once again membership declined as a part of the overall workforce. CEPR has a detailed look at the demographics of the union workforce.
This week’s 40 years on update on Studs Terkel’s Working? Meet the Web Engineer.
Geeking Out
If Stephen Hawking is worried about the impact AI research could have on society, shouldn’t you be? Here is a great list of AI research that we should be supporting. If you’re on board, sign the open letter backing it up.
The first-ever 3D printed building has become a reality.
Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability
Interesting interview by IPS’s Sam Pizzigati with researchers who study economic inequality and health outcomes.
Excellent analysis of the history of “sharing” companies, their strengths and weaknesses, by Juliet Schor.

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