“Having a Facebook page is not the same as having a new power strategy.”

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I recently made some comments about using minimum wage campaigns to build power. This is a blog post adapted from those remarks.

Organizing Theory

“Having a Facebook page is not the same as having a new power strategy.” Fascinating read from the Harvard Biz Review on the ways that old power & new power (aka, the traditional & innovative) structures behave.

Can community groups and unions work together to win fights around housing AND workplace issues?

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

“In the 19th & early 20th centuries, individuals were either considered employed or unemployed; now, there is an entire gray spectrum of employment possibilities.” How to organize workers in the digital economy, where traditional organizing models don’t work?

“…robots get only better at everything they do today, and only cheaper…” h/t to reader Matt Richards for pointing out this interview with Carnegie Mellon’s head of robotics, Allah Nourbakhsh, who goes on to say, “…maybe  people should own shares in the robots that take their jobs, so that the people who are laborers today become the capital owners of tomorrow.”

The next time you’re feeling like the gig economy can’t get any worse? Remember Giri.

Crazy, unpredictable work schedules don’t just have an impact on workers. They also mean kids spend more time in day care. Enter the world of 24 hour daycare facilities.

Uber had a pretty bad week. Tom Slee has an excellent look at everything wrong with the sharing economy company that the left loves to hate. (Well, primarily because they’re so good at making themselves hateable.)

From Partners

Jobs with Justice has a new database out, showing info on guest workers in all 50 states, including which companies are petitioning most often in each state.

Geeking Out

“Too many people live frightened lives trying to scratch a living in the dark. We have to move these people to the light.” The Homeless World Cup brings together soccer players who are also street paper sellers from countries around the globe.

The K Chronicles Keith Knight makes a stark, graphic description of what income inequality is like in this cartoon, “A look behind the curtain.”

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Can we create enough demand, through city purchasing power, to jump start a  local economies’ manufacturing or service sector?

Many people want to figure out a way to fund the delivery of content without using advertisements. Here’s Google’s shot at that.

I think it’s fair to say that most readers of this newsletter will not be hanging out a Best Buy at 4 am on Black Friday, hoping to get the best deal on the new Xbox. If you’re practicing non-consumerism, why not share a photo on this Story of Stuff project?

This Philly student has launched a new platform to help forgive student loan debt.

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