Uber for the elderly?

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Uber for the elderly? Why not pair up home care workers with seniors in need of rides?

The fight between AirBnB & NYC’s affordable housing activists.

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Facebook wants to sell your data to advertisers, even if you’re not looking at ads on their site. Read about how their new ad platform links eyeballs on ads back to specific social media profiles.

Geeking Out

Want to know how to tell if a robot hand wrote you a letter?

Oculus Rift brings journalists a new way of telling stories. And the Des Moines Register is on the cutting edge of using this tech. No, really. Des Moines.

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

What happens when self-driving cars get combined with Uber-like on demand availability? These researchers in Texas have a theory.

The makers of Etsy have put together a series of policy proposals for how government agencies can become more accessible to and supportive of the maker economy.

Need to figure out how to spy on your workforce without invading their privacy (doesn’t this seem contradictory?). Here are some suggestions.

Final Thoughts

“One should be wary, however, of the conventional wisdom that modern economic growth is a marvelous instrument for revealing individual talents and aptitudes. There is some truth in this view, but since the early nineteenth century it has all too often been used to justify inequities of all sorts, no matter how great their magnitude and no matter what their real causes may be, while at the same time gracing the winners in the new industrial economy with every imaginable virtue.”

Thomas Piketty, Capital in the Twenty-First Century

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