When flexible scheduling goes so, so wrong…

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Do you ever wonder how artists are making it in the new economy? I talked to David Thomas about how he sustains his independent filmmaking through a combination of crowdsourcing patronage & bootstrapping.

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

Got a free moment, and thinking “hey, I wonder if any stores around here need their shelves stocked?” Wonolo’s got you covered. Sheesh. When flexible scheduling goes so, so wrong.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program made a major change, this year, that’s affecting the way that non-US requestors can use their services. Could be a real problem for international researchers.

In the last 15 months, the number of trips in traditional taxis in SF has plummeted, thanks to new ride-sharing services. But it is it harming wheelchair-bound customers’ ability to get around?

Reputation, reputation, reputation
“…being private requires work and often the benefits of working for privacy are too abstract.” Shouldn’t we all be more worried about government—and corporate–surveillance?

On that same topic—this new report on Civil Rights, Big Data & Our Algorithmic Future is riveting—particularly the section about jobs. Is a hiring algorithm discriminating against you because your potential commute is too long?

A new experiment reveals the efficacy of Facebook “Like” farms.

Organizing Theory

Sir Tim Berners-Lee talks about how he designed the World Wide Web to be democratic—in that your content should be delivered the same way, regardless of what browser you use, or what country you’re in—and why he’s kicking off the Web We Want Festival in the UK next weekend. h/t to reader Paul Beauvais for sending me this video.

From Partners

Two EU unions have partnered to put out this tremendously in-depth booklet with an overview of a series of campaigns fighting privatization.

Do you need a quick check-in on your social media strategy? Social Movement Technologies is offering free 1:1 help for organizers and unions—for one month only.

Geeking Out

Well, at 10 mph, this robot is not quite yet a cheetah—but check out this amazing robot that can run, untethered, in an open field.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Did you give away any money on September 15th? This group of folks did, to commemorate the anniversary of the Lehman Bros. collapse, and spark a conversation about how our relationship to money might be different.

Steve Denning asks: Is the internet economy going to finally allow us to cast off the shackles of “pervasive short-termism?”

This new platform, for artists, makers and technologists, aims to create a place for the sharing economy to be really social just.

TechPresident examines the struggles that the Detroit Water Project has had—with no staff on the ground—reaching people who need help paying their water bills in the city.

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