Should you get paid for the time you spend on Facebook?

What’s Going on in the Workforce?

With the news that 47% of all US jobs might cease to exist as jobs in the next 10 years, I bet you’re wondering what kinds of jobs are most likely to be automated. Managers, looks like you can breathe easy, at least for a little while. Telemarketers & seamstresses? Time for a career change.

Should you get paid for the contributions you make to Facebook? If we’re all about to lose our jobs, it’s something to think about.

Google, Apple, Intel & others conspired to keep wages down for 100s of 1000s of engineers, in the early 21st century. And with that, my Apple fangirldom died.

More and more people are ending up in non-traditional work—including working freelance. Here’s a good post with tips to survive your first year as a freelancer, from the Freelancers’ Union.

Wearable tech might make it easier for firefighters to find their way around inside burning buildings. Here, a Google Glass developer and firefighter shows how he uses that tech on the job.

Geeking Out

3D printed pizza. Watch, and live the dream.

Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

If Facebook adoption was disease-like in its vitality, are we all about to be cured? These Princeton researchers say yes. Facebook fought back by investigating the theory that Princeton itself is on the verge of extinction.

Do you want fries with that? I bet your car knows

From Partners

H/T to @usilive for pointing this one out: “…the storytellers that got the most attention were not necessarily the funniest or wittiest. Instead, they were the ones that were most prepared to put their skin in the game…” We all know the story of self moves people—but how often do we use it to full effect?

Organizing Theory

It’s hard to mobilize activists into the streets. Imagine how much harder it is, when the government texts everyone at a protest to announce they’ve been labeled dissidents?  “All of this puts to lie the lately-popular mythology that technology is inherently a liberating force–with the right hack, it can oppress just as easily.”

Greenpeace makes their internal processes for decision-making, collaboration transparent. Check out this toolkit that describes how teams work in different countries around the world. Argentina, I’m totes jealous of that 2 Hour Window!

Alt-labor groups, other organizations using NLRB charges more than ever before.

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