Is permatemping the new model in manufacturing?

What’s Going On in the Workforce?

Is permatemping the new model in manufacturing? Sarah Jaffe takes a look at the history of temps and how they’ve expanded in our economy—and how we’re all paying to subsidize them.

When lots of people are working from home, it’s hard to know what they’ll accomplish. Internet platform Automattic has given their hiring a lot of thought, given those circumstances.

Want to avoid buying clothing that was sewn by children in sweatshops overseas? There’s an app for that. (Well, okay, it’s really a browser extension, but still.)

Geeking Out

Internet centralization makes it easier for the NSA to spy on us. Radar O’Reilly explains how.

In much less-serious news—I’m admittedly a crazy baker. But this goes pretty far into cookie insanity. This guy hacked together a machine to make one cookie at a time, so he could test 20 recipes at once.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Here’s an interesting video about how to use a time bank to seed a worker cooperative, for not so much money.

And while you’re thinking about co-ops, why not read this excellent look, from Truthout, on unions & worker-owned co-ops?

Wanna talk to co-op folks from around the world? The international co-op community will be in Quebec in October 2014.

How is the sharing economy changing cities? Well for one, millennials want to stick around more.

Organizing Theory

How do you get your organizational data to line up, when you’re using multiple vendors to store it? These progressive data geeks are working on a new protocol to help.

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