“…each year, hundreds of minor league baseball players spread across 256 teams earn far below minimum wage to chase their dreams.”

What’s Going on in the Workforce

“…each year, hundreds of minor league baseball players spread across 256 teams earn far below minimum wage to chase their dreams.” Minor league baseball players need a living wage too. 

Uber’s driver misclassification may be an anti-trust violation, when it comes to the taxi & limo industry. As the company is feeling under attack in CA,  it’s gone on a PR offensive , and is rolling out a new version of the driver-side app, with increased gamification to convince drivers to work more hours. 

Tesla is blocking Blind, the anonymous service where tech workers go to gripe about their working conditions, on its internal network and its email servers. It’s a problem, because Blind users are required to have a company email to verify they are legit employees. 

Organizing Theory

“…organizing online is not enough, but organizing digitally is clearly necessary.” A round-up of the latest thinking about platform organizing in the workers’ rights movement. 

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Humans only NEED about 8 hours of work per week to feel productive and mentally healthy. So stop pushing for a four-day workweek, and start pushing for a one-day week! 

New York state just passed new rights for farmworkers in the state. Apparently, this state senator is opposed to farmworkers having a day of rest every week. 


Are you coming to Netroots Nation next month? Join me and some of my friends at this fundraiser for One Pennsylvania (I’m on the host committee, don’t make me look bad). 


Want to help build a movement for Latinx justice in exurban PA? Make the Road seeks an Organizing Director

“It’s not an independent business. You can only use those Amazon trucks to do Amazon delivery.”

What’s Going on in the Workforce

“It’s not an independent business. You can only use those Amazon trucks to do Amazon delivery. Your only client is Amazon. It’s a way for Amazon to get this work done at an arm’s length with the contractor relationship.” Gizmodo takes a look at the problems inherent in Amazon’s delivery model. 

Welcome to the raspberry-picking robot future. 

Are Uber & Lyft drivers “colluding” to make prices surge? (maybe Uber & Lyft should stop cutting driver’s fares?) 

The Perils of Trumpism

Should we call this “Unhack the Union?” Thanks to friend-o-the-blog Eric Rosso for sending this one my way. The Koch’s have helped to fund an app that makes it easier to leave your union, post-Janus. Sigh… 

While California is looking to protect gig workers from misclassification, the US DoL is doing exactly the opposite.  Here’s why

Organizing Theory

Does your group do street outreach that requires organizers or volunteers to collect data on phones or tablets? Tired of having data access problems with google drive? Jot Form might be the solution for you. 

Uber & Lyft are trying to mobilize drivers against CA’s efforts to pass legislation that would apply the Dynamax decision as a piece of state law. Unlike previous times that the TNCs have done this, there are considerable counter-organizing efforts among drivers. 

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

“The transition to a zero-carbon economy is necessary (oh boy, is it necessary), but demonstrating support to the workers displaced in the process is vital to making that transition a success.” How New Zealand is creating its own Green New Deal

Rolling Stone takes a look at the UFCW and the legal weed industry

Walmart is changing its internal documentation for vendors, to allow them to use “new tariffs” as a justification for price changes. Be nice if they open-sourced that data in some way, to show the impact over time & various industries. 

“Hope…is the best resilience to hate.”

Organizing Theory

“Hope…is the best resilience to hate.” Lessons from the campaign around Brexit. 

“We cannot white-paper our path to a just society.” Sorry wonks, you’re just one part of the solution, but community organizing has to be a part of it too. 

It sounds nice that companies like Netflix are saying they’ll pull out of Georgia if its abortion ban goes into effect. Here, researcher Phil Mattera explains why that isn’t as great a step forward as it might seem. 

Personal contact works better than email, if you want to turn people out to events. 

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

It’s not every day you see dads standing up for the right to parent while also being a working person. Congrats to these dads at JP Morgan Chase for winning a class action settlement that will force the company to treat dads as equal parents. 

Game Workers Unite and a French union have united to defend 100+ workers laid off by Activision Blizzard earlier this year. 

Salesforce uses the power of its customer management software to tell companies: you can’t sell automatic weapons with our tech

Reputation, reputation, reputation

It’s one thing to not be able to use your email, when Google has a server outage. It’s another thing to not be able to change the temperature in your house, or open your front door… 

Wanna come to the US from some other country? Now you’re going to have to give the State Department access to your social media. It won’t just be teenagers setting up Finstas, now… 

Geeking Out

Robotic window washers and their human (ex window-washer) operators. 

What’s Going on in the Workforce

“Humbling an employer of that scale could hearten employees at smaller operations to take their shot at empowerment.” Of all the coverage of last week’s Fight for $15 actions against McDonald’s, perhaps the most fun to read is the restaurant industry’s version. h/t to Brett Banditelli for sending this one. 

Uber announced last week that it will finally start banning passengers who have bad ratings (it’s only fair, if they’re kicking drivers off the app for it!). So take your trash with you (and please, tell my kids to do the same). 


In Australia and want to learn more about online to offline organizing? Check this training out. 

When “automation” means someone in Central America earning $2/hour.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

When we talk about the perils of automation, sometimes people think it’s just about jobs being wiped out entirely. Here’s a good look at how automation erodes jobs—as Colombians get paid $2/hour to drive robot delivery vehicles around campus, instead of a delivery biker getting paid $15 or more. And as one happy customer points out in this piece, you neither have to rush to meet a robot, nor tip it. 

And remember—when you see Ford talking about “remote operators” for their new combination of self-driving car & robot delivery person—we’re talking about someone in another country making $16 a day. 

The Aspen Institute has released a set of policy recommendations about how to deal with the way automation is changing the economy. 

The Perils of Trumpism

The Trump Admin CMS just issued a rule preventing states from deducting union dues and contributions for health and retirement benefits from home care workers’ paychecks. 

Organizing Theory

How do unions navigate #metoo complaints that result in the firing of a member who harassed or assaulted another? 

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Activist startup guy takes on Airbnb, works with cities to help them better understand Airbnb data & its impact on rental rates. 

A UBI pilot project in Stockton, CA is giving randomly-selected residents $500/month in no-strings-attached income. How are they spending it? 

Live in the Mid-Atlantic and worry about plastic pollution? Try this experiment in zero-waste living, and order your Häagen-Dazs in stainless steel containers (also good for other every day items). 

What brave new world will be automated next?

Geeking Out

Today in “jobs I didn’t expect to be automated”: traffic cones

Want a job that only requires 30 hours per week of work? Check out this newsletter… 

Organizing Theory

What are the best digital tools for organizing? Check out the latest document from Blueprints for Change. 

Interesting long read—in Fortune, of all places!—about the internal struggle going on between employees and management at Google, when it comes to “don’t be evil” (and related business practices). 

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

“…how did we get to the point where one of our employees had to apologetically ask for financial support so she and her family could put a roof over their heads?” One CEO explains how he decided that he and his fellow execs should freeze their pay, so they could raise their starting pay to $15/hour for frontline workers. 

Honestly, who raised these people? Uber rolls out “please tell my driver to shut up” feature for Uber Black. 

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Cannabis delivery companies are “poaching” Uber & Lyft drivers by offering them better jobs with benefits

Use of construction robots is projected to grow tenfold by 2025, in this new industry report. 

Worried that your gig as a Lyft driver will be replaced by an autonomous car? Don’t worry, just become an autonomous car mechanic, says the company’s COO. 

Reputation, reputation, reputation

“…what it can do is pave an escape route from Facebook so worthy alternatives become viable options.” Why the Feds need to make friend list portability a thing, in regulating Facebook. 

Congrats to our friends and readers in San Francisco, which just became the first city to ban the use of facial recognition technology by city agencies. Don’t worry, your iPhone will still recognize you.

The Perils of Trumpism

Last week, the NLRB delivered a blow to rideshare drivers who were making assertions of employee misclassification, declaring that they should rightfully be considered independent contractors. 

So how’s that IPO working out for ya?

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

The City of Chicago just released ride-share data on rides, drivers and cars in the city (de-identified, to protect rider & driver privacy).  Fascinating stuff—with just a couple of clicks, you can see that the vast majority of fares are $10 or less, with over a quarter of all trips at $5 or less No wonder drivers were striking last week!  (Some studies have found that ride-share drivers only keep around 1/3 of the fare per ride.) If you haven’t had enough schadenfreude in your life lately, check out this article about the first two days of Uber as a publicly-traded company. 

Want to fix America’s retirement crisis? Step one: Pay workers more

“When Americans think about fixing gender equality, they tend to direct their ire on the workplace.” The Atlantic takes a look at what happens at home when heterosexual wives out-earn their husbands—and how sexism in a marriage reinforces sexism in the workplace. 

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Amazon’s Alexa Echo Dot Kids is recording your children—and it’s not clear how they’re using those recordings, or how long they are saving them for. 

What’s Going on in the Workforce

“America’s labor ladder has a new bottom rung…” Axios takes a not-so-deep look at the top-line issues of the gig economy. 

Steve Greenhouse takes the opportunity offered by Delta’s anti-union gaffes last week to run down the many ways that companies fight unionization (and the amounts they spend doing it). 

The Perils of Trumpism

Unions have reduced ULP filings since the Trump Administration took over the NLRB, citing fears of bad precedent-setting decisions. 

Ride-share drivers are striking May 8th!

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Ridesharing drivers in cities around the world plan to strike this week, in advance of Uber’s IPO. 

Tesla manufacturing workers: “we’d like a more predictable schedule.” Tesla: “how about the ability to borrow against your paycheck?” Tesla workers: “nobody asked for that.” 

The Perils of Trumpism

Shocking possibly no one, the Trump Secretary of Labor does not support raising the minimum wage. 

And while we’re (still) talking about the terrible nature of the Trump DoL (seriously, will we ever get to stop?)—last week, at the end of April they stated the obvious—they think platform workers are independent contractors, and won’t be doing anything about misclassification. 

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Ever wonder what Amazon knows about you? Check out all the kinds of information that the company is collecting about users. 

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Workers for some of the biggest companies in the US talk about their struggles with poverty wages. Is capitalism broken, or is it working as it was intended? 

“It’s the unspoken racism that’s most damaging.” What’s it like to be a Black chef in a fine dining restaurant

“They’re monitored and supervised by robots.”

What’s Going on in the Workforce

“They’re monitored and supervised by robots.” How Amazon is using data to fire up to 10% of its warehouse workforce each year, for failing to make steep productivity goals.  And in Utah, they’ve just opened a warehouse with more robots than people

“75% of the drivers in this study said that they had never had a drink or meal with anyone else who had ever driven for Uber.”   Georgetown’s Katie Wells & her team interviewed 40 TNC drivers in DC. Check out what they found, and why she coined the term “slippery wages,” in this new report that clearly demonstrates the need for more organizing in the ride-share workforce. 

“Going on strike is a right in the French constitution, just like the freedom of speech. There was a national yellow vest movement, my client wanted to take part in it. Is he supposed to stay silent on that national movement just because he’s an Amazon employee?” How Amazon workers in France are fighting to stop the company’s expansion

Before you laugh off the efforts of Instagrammers to unionize, remember this: “Memers aren’t direct employees of these tech platforms, nor are they independent contractors for them. But they produce, directly or indirectly, the bulk of these platforms’ income.” 

Organizing Theory

If you teach teenagers how ads are lying to them, it helps them make better choices about eating. 

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Colorado is leading the nation on expanding employee ownership

“Being saddled with any form of debt is exhausting, but student-loan debt is its own beast.” Four young Americans talk about their struggles with student debt

“With each beverage-less order, restaurants sacrifice a lucrative piece of their business.” How the ease of home delivery is changing the restaurant business

“We can’t afford to live in the cities where we work…”

What’s Going on in the Workforce

“We can’t afford to live in the cities where we work, so there are parking lots throughout the Bay Area where Uber and Lyft drivers congregate, sleeping in their cars between hours-long shifts — many doing so for a few days before driving back to their homes in Vallejo, Sacramento, Stockton or other cheaper cities.” On the cusp of Uber’s IPO, ride-share drivers are organizing harder than ever before And with the failure of both Uber & Lyft to protect women drivers and riders from sexual harassment in cars, can you blame them? 

If you’re the victim of a classic New Yorker backlog, you may not have seen this piece about the development of a robot to pick strawberries. 

Amazon warehouse workers are on strike in Germany this week. 

From Partners

Running a union and want to check out whether your digital program is healthy? Check out the new tool from the UK’s TUC Digital team. 

Geeking Out

MIT researchers have developed a robot that can aid in recyclable sorting—it doesn’t look at objects, it uses fingers to see how squishy they are, to determine whether they’re paper, metal or glass. 

I had a brief chat last week with the founder of Trusted Herd, who is trying to do gig reputation right, for people who work in the event management industry. I’ll be curious to see how this develops. 

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Is your phone showing you a Dunkin’ Donuts coupon every time you drive past a store? Thanks, Waze, for selling our location data for hyperlocal marketing. 

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

The New Republic argues that the Green New Deal and the fight for reparations should be more closely linked together, if not fought as one. 

In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, Ikea has started growing lettuce and other greens in shipping containers outside of their stores, in Scandinavia. 

Employee ownership of work is increasing—including in some industries you might not suspect. 


Next Thursday morning, Dr. Katie Wells & others will be presenting at a Georgetown meeting: “The Uber Workplace in DC: Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?” 

Hello…I vant to deliver your blood…

What’s Going on in the Workforce

UPS is piloting drone delivery of the blood supply. Insert your vampire bat joke of choice here… 

The Open Markets Institute looks at the impact of monopolies on workers and others, in America’s food production. 

A growing number of UK companies are moving to a four-day workweek—and finding increased productivity is the result. 

Immigration issues, and a lack of overall respect for the profession is causing worker shortages in the home care industry. 


I don’t usually post fundraising events on this blog, but I have to make an exception for the National Employment Law Project’s 50th Anniversary event. These are the movement lawyers for every US working people’s organization. Dig deep.

Geeking Out

You know what every autonomous floor-buffing robot needs? A smiley face painted on the front.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

The Connecticut legislature is taking a step towards banning non-competes for low-wage workers. 

The unemployment rate for Black workers is still 2x the rate for white workers. 

Jersey City, NJ wants to mandate that all ride-sharing companies provide their drivers with illuminated signage, after a New Jersey woman was murdered in SC when she got into a car she thought was her Uber. 

Organizing Theory

One way of making people understand the scale of the plastics-in-the-ocean problem? Exhibit it in a museum