Public banks are picking up ground

I don’t even have a category for this one….possible super-wealthy senate candidate launches website that looks like an organization, to convince voters to join a movement for financial security?

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

Legal weed and divestment campaigns have a common problem—where to send cash? Public banks might be the answer.

With the FCC backing off of net neutrality, some state legislatures are working to ensure an open internet, at least for their own residents.

What’s Going on in the Workforce

An amazing long-read about the private waste collection industry in NYC, and how a shitty company union is help for-profit operators hurt workers—as well as pedestrians & bicyclists—in the city.

For a much lighter look at the world of gig work, here’s a quick hit on what it’s like to be a movie/tv extra.

“Do better than what you can get away with.” Basecamp’s CTO explains why the company pays everyone what they would earn if they worked for a Bay Area tech company and lived in San Francisco—even though no one who works for them fits that description.

The Future of Work is already here, says Politico.

German union IG Metall is striking to redefine “full-time” work as a 28-hour week.


In DC & want to talk about health care reform in 2020? Check out this Century Foundation event on Thursday.

Becker Strategies is offering a 4-day Social Media Strategy training in Oakland in March.

Geeking Out

The only way a laundry-folding machine will be worth $700 to me is if it can fold a fitted sheet better than I can.

It’s the sex-robot-hot-take you’ve been waiting for: maybe it won’t be women who are replaced by sex robots, but men. (I’m listening.)

Organizing Theory

Relay has some thoughts on how not to ruin P2P texting, for organizations and campaigns that use it.

Happy New Year! Now, back to fighting for what we need.

Thanks, everyone who spread the word about Hack the Union in the end of last year—we picked up many new subscribers & followers. And if you forgot to do this in December—there’s still time! 

What’s Going on in the Workforce

Here’s a new (to me, at least) effort to create anonymized, workplace-topic conversations inside tech companies.

 “…decades of subsidizing coal profits over investment in human capital and technology has led to a dearth of opportunities for young central Appalachians.” On how coal has messed up West Virginia’s economy, not just its environment, through reverse wealth distribution 

Geeking Out

Check out Campaign Zero’s 2017 Police Violence Report, with data on every US police shooting in 2017. Amazing use of data to tell a story.

Organizing Theory

It’s not every day (or every week. or every month.) that I’ll post something written by a Congressional Republican—but I’ll give Rep. Crawford credit for this post, where he argues that we need a better way for Americans to give their elected representatives feedback than using Facebook & Twitter.

From Partners

The National Women’s Law Center has a good, downloadable toolkit for fighting sexual harassment in the workplace.

Sharing, Solidarity & Sustainability

UberEats is a bigger business than Uber, in some European cities.

Thanks to reader Brad Rothrock, for sending me this piece, about competing narratives about the gig economy.


Social Movement Technologies just posted a slew of free online talks for 2018. Sign up for them here.